Friday, May 25, 2012

Transniestrian holiday part 3

Yesterday was the 25th of May and as I learned is a transformative day in the life of Russian students. This is the last day of school and is when a grand ceremony is held for the graduating high school seniors. Unlike in the US, the students all learn as one group for ten years and have usually a primary school teacher for the first three years, and then another teacher overseeing their education for the remaining seven years. There are other teachers for specific disciplines, but the result is a very tightly bonded group. We went to. Visit her school named Gymnasia which is the best school in her region, particularly for those wanting to specialize in English language. When we got there, many of her teachers and the school director recognized her and asked her to give a speech. Masha came up with a heartfelt and encouraging sentiment and delivered it in English and Russian. We stood beside the Mayor of Tiraspol, who has his own children studying there, an we felt like honored guests. Attached is a picture of Masha with her first grade teacher Nadeshda who was recently recognized as an honorary teacher by the Transniestrian government. The other photo is of Masha near the bust of Zelinski who was the inventor of the gas mask and one of the distinguished students to pass through this school.

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