Monday, October 24, 2011

Masha and I visited some of our favorite sites in San Francisco on Saturday. It was around 80 degrees in the city, and it was perfect for taking a minute to lay down in the grass at Alta Vista park. We ended up going from Clement street, to North beach, down Stockton to Union Square.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Burlingame Sketch

Here is the view from La Crossiant, in Burlingame, Calvin and his sister Kate are some of the best examples of local business owners who always great you with a smile and make this town warm and friendly. Good place to take Arthur so he can nap and daddy can sketch.

Hawaii Sketches

Our family took a relaxing trip to Kailua, Oahu and I had a chance to do some watercolor sketches. It was my first time to the islands, and it was Arthur's first trip too. Masha has been there several times and was the one who located this wonderful town to stay in. Here, unlike on the Honolulu side, you can live in a small surf community and feel more like a local. Its a slow pace of life, with friendly people and delicious food. Our favorite pancakes were in Kailua, anyone who goes there must go to Boots and Kimo's and have the Macadamia nut pancake sauce. Mmmm!

Arthur sleeping at Boots and Kimos.  The patio of our cottage (i-pad). Paradise Cove Resort.
Lanikai Beach

MCBH Kaneohe From Kailua Beach.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Admiral Nimitz

Here is a quick study of Adrian Lamb's portrait of Admiral Chester Nimitz. Total time is around 25 minutes.