Friday, May 9, 2014

spectrum fantastic art live

This place is really more than I could have expected. Kansas city Missouri is a world class art Mecca and I have thouroughly enjoyed my first day on the ground. I had a layover at LAX on Thursday and did this sketch and then made these characters on the flight to MCI.
     I met another artist from St. Louis who gave me a tour of some of the main attractions, including the jaw dropping Nelson Atkins Museum which had architecture rivaling Europe or anything we have in the bay area, but the treat was going inside and seeing paintings from all my favorite eras, and places on earth. NC Wyeth, Jean Leone Gerome (who had his own room) Monet, Sargent, and on and on.
     The town is phenomenal and this is before I have tried the BBQ which is my next goal.
Ended the evening doing figure drawing and ended up sitting next to Justin Sweet who was kind enough to sign a print earlier and gave a nice panel interview. That leads me too meeting Swayne , one of the three co-hosts of my favorite art podcast , . it was a goal to let him know how meaningful that source of discussions on art is to me.

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