Thursday, February 20, 2014


I have wanted to work on some line drawing for some time. I have always been inspired by FengZhu, Scott Robertson and others who have that industrial design background and truly master perspective line drawings.
   I have worked for a long time in photoshop and have worked in a technique with only simple preliminary sketches, and then I block in value and start painting, I only bring in some tight lines at the end. The problem is, although it feels more flexible, it hides the fact that sometimes I am not committing to forms. When all you have is line, you cant fudge it. I hope to do more of these as part of my daily sketch series and watch some improvement with practice. Its also one of the reasons I purchased a cintiq companion, so I am working that into my workflow for these.

NEAR FUTURE EXCAVATOR! My son has been really into heavy equipment lately so it got me thinking about doing something other than a battle vehicle.

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