Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sketchbook Dump from the last month

I have been sketching away when I can, and just haven't taken the time to scan them and upload so here are some watercolors and sketches from the last month.
Safeway in Burlingame end of Sept. I think this one I learned what happens when you use too many layers of paint and try to control it too much, it gets a bit muddy and, well, ugly. still was fun to have enough time to try and accurately convey the lighting and surroundings.

On the left is a quick sketch out the window of the renovated Burlingame Avenue with new lamps, trees and a wider sidewalk with a sort of smooth cobblestone. On the right, I met my buddy Abiraj, who was a Stryker driver and Infantryman on our deployment to Iraq. We ate a place in Dublin called Country Waffles at way too early in the morning. Dublin kind of reminds me of Radiator Springs at that hour with the sun rising up and the full moon still out.

Found myself in the city by the Bay yesterday and spent about 1 hour knocking out 4 sketches. The one on the right is the Embarcadero Ferry Building which I used actual watercolor paints. The rest are sort of super saturated because I did them while standing using only watercolor pencils and mostly primary colors at that.

St. Helena the day after Masha and I celebrated our 5th anniversary together. Time has flown! Grandpa and Nanna watched our little one so we could stroll through St. Helena and I sketched a bit while Masha looked through the stores.

The Sherman - Used to be a restaurant and bar, now it sits floating in its moorings surrounded by fisherman, runners and the occasional painter I suppose. Coyote point in the distant rear of the image.

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