Sunday, September 18, 2011

Warming Hut - San Francisco

The Warming Hut in San Francisco is one of my favorite places on earth. Today was an example of what I love most about it. Thousands of visitors were enjoying the park with a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the city itself in the opposite direction. A rare day like this, must have been 80 degrees with a nice breeze blowing, brought out every type of person to exercise, stroll, walk their dogs, go on a date, play with the kids, fish on the pier, we saw any activity you could think of.

Luckily I had my watercolor kit and a handbook sketchpad to try to quickly sketch the brilliant colors of the day. There were no clouds at all, the sky just looks washed out because I didn't have a big enough brush to lay down a proper blue sky. It was very relaxing.


  1. Yoooo, pretty good shapes with the bridge there. You can apply paint over large surfaces with a small brush if you quickly just paint the large shape with pure water, and then go back and add color on top of the still wet surface and quickly spread the color around. If you find that an area gets dry before you get color to it simply add more water.

  2. Tu,

    Thanks man. The more I practice with watercolor, the more I enjoy its ease for painting on the go. I bought one of those waterbrushes that James Gurney recommends. It is really nice, it eliminates the need for carrying a cup or jar. Also, when you want to go from a dark color, to a light one and want to clean off your brush, I just point the brush downward, squeeze the tube, and water comes out soaking the brush. Then you just wipe it off on a rag and it comes clean pretty easily.